Local Moving

All Choice Relocation Group companies offer complete relocation solutions for local moves within each company’s geographic area. All Choice employees are background checked, drug tested, and must complete an extensive training program. With any of the Choice companies, you can be assured that you will receive a superior level of service from expertly trained crews.

Long Distance Moving

All Choice Relocation Group companies are licensed and qualified to do long distance moving within the lower 48 states. Long distance moving is licensed and regulated by the federal government. The FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) is the regulatory body that governs interstate moving. All Choice Relocation Group companies meet or exceed all license, insurance, and quality control standards set forth by the FMCSA. The staff that handle long distance moving at Choice Relocation Group companies are specifically qualified and trained to handle this demanding type of moving.

Piano and Organ Moving

All Choice Relocation Group companies have been the premier piano movers in their designated geographic areas for over 60 years. They are, by far, the largest and most experienced piano movers in their regions. Piano retailers and a vast majority of piano tuners and technicians trust us to move and deliver their irreplaceable instruments. Averaging over 2000 piano moves per year, you can rest assured that your valuable instrument will be in caring and experienced hands. We take the utmost care when handling these instruments and family heirlooms, treating each one as if it were our own.

Safe and Specialty Moving

Because of our over 60 years of experience moving large fragile items, Choice Relocation Group companies are uniquely qualified, experienced, and equipped to handle specialty moving item such as pianos, safes, grandfather clocks, pool tables etc. Most Van Lines and typical residential movers call these “Third Party” items. In other words, they hire a separate company to handle these “hard to deal with” items and charge customers extra fees to cover their lack of knowledge and personnel. The Choice Relocation Group of companies handles these types of moves in house every day. In fact, we are often the first call from the Van Lines as their third-party service provider!

Warehousing and Storage

All Choice Relocation Group companies offer complete storage and warehousing solutions. Each warehouse is clean, dry, and secure with camera and security systems.

Vaulted storage

Vaulted storage is the standard in the moving and storage industry. We use standard 7’ x 7.5’ x 5’/240 cubic feet capacity storage vaults at every location. The vaulted storage system ensures each customers items are protected and sequestered from other customers. Because these vaults or “crates” are loaded only once, then moved with forklifts, they reduce the amount of handling and thus reduce the risk of loss or damage.

Climate and Humidity-Controlled Storage

Each choice relocation group company also offers specialty Climate and Humidity-Controlled storage. The storage is typically used for high value items such as pianos, antiques, oil paintings and other artwork that are sensitive to both temperature and humidity changes. Our Climate and Humidity-controlled facilities maintain the temperature at a constant 70° and the humidity at 40%. This ensures any items stored in these areas will remain stable and unaffected despite the temperature outside or the seasonal humidity changes.

Commercial and Office Moving

Commercial and Office moving presents much different challenges in the moving industry versus residential moving. All Choice Relocation Group companies have specially trained staff, specially equipped trucks, and specific moving equipment for Commercial and Office moving. Whether your commercial move isacross town or across the country, Choice Relocation Group companies can handle any commercial or office moving need.

Logistics and Last Mile Delivery

Each Choice Relocation Group company also offers Logistics services such as Last Mile Delivery, White Glove Delivery, Interior Designer Concierge, and other logistics solutions for our clients and customers. We have specially trained staff and trucks designated to handle the Warehousing and Delivery needs associated with these types of services. We specialize in transporting medical systems and equipment, computers, copiers, exercise equipment, mattresses, furniture, and other large, high-value items. With over 60 years in the moving industry, we know how to organize and attend to your transportation needs, especially when we are dealing with your high-ticket, valuable equipment.